Boy, oh Boy

Many of my readers have been asking me the same question:  “I heart Babystylista… but what’s in it for me?  I have …a boy…”  Good point, my Baby Boy Advocates!  Believe it or not – I have asked myself the same question – and here’s my answer… comin’ right up!

In all fairness – LD still maintains her self-proclaimed title “Tomboy chic”, acquired from her predecessor Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, and therefore, has nothing but love for her buddies of the male persuasion.  She is especially thrilled to show you some of our coolest finds in the super slick category  (You know LD, like Mama, is a huge fan of studs as seen here):

Deeeelish Daddy and his LD

Whoops – I digress (hehe)…back to our boys.  In searching for super-slick-&-studly outfits for our buddies in blue – I decided to forego the whole “blue” thing and go for a more neutral color – my fave… Black.  And this is what I came up with…

My Baby Rocks Online offers a ridiculous amount of unique clothing for both boys and girls with a wide range of sizes.  So I scoured their shop and found a few pieces from head to toe, which I’m sure you’ll enjoy:

Not surprising to most of my friends and colleagues in and out of the Biz, I live for fedoras (and pretty much anything that covers the ol’ noggin).

My Baby Rocks Infant/Toddler Fedora Hat, $28.50

This darling Born to Love (GOTTA LOVE BORN TO LOVE!!!) fedora hat is priced at a reasonable $28.50 and fits infants up to 24 months.

LD also highly recommends the Black Rib Visor Beanie w/ Heart Embroidery as seen here, which is perfect for both lass and laddie and is once again, offspring of the Born to Love collection.

Black Rib Visor Beanie,, $20.50


I’ve recently become a huge fan of the whole Rockabilly culture which obviously inspired this find:

Sourpuss Lucky's Button Down,, $31.00

Sourpuss’ Lucky’s Button Down adds a little grease to your little guy with this cotton Gas Station Shirt.  But be forewarned, this vintage flava pretty much guarantees your baby boy’s spot in the upper echelon of Daycare Bad boys!

Just so our handsome little bad boys tone it down a notch, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Bit’z Kids Grey Houndstooth Pants.

BitZ Kids Houndstooth Grey Pants,, $37.00

This Houndstooth pattern is so charming and classy, Baby Daddy’s going to be asking where he can get a pair…  Mine already has…

HB sporting Big Boy Houndstooth pants

And lest we forget the tootsies – I mean, our stylin’ boys can’t be running around in their bare feet now, can they?  So I figured the l’il men out there would appreciate a little Classic Charlie hit with these adorable “Vegan constructed” faux leather shoes with cotton canvas lining and an elastic collar.

Black faux Leather Classic Charlie Shoes,, $26.00

It’s always nice to accessorize Mr. Man, so finishing the look with this Black & Red Skull Tie won’t hurt anyone!

Black & Red Skull Tie,, $9.95

Let’s face it – as much as I wanted to dedicate this post exclusively to the little guys out there – this little get-up is just as acceptable for our little gals. Stay tuned for a little Rockabilly Bad Boy love from LD.  She’s all about Rockin’ your baby, tomboy-style… Just throw on a pair of diamond studs and you’re good.

LD Rocks it out

Stylishly yours,



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