I Put on my Raincoat, My Yellow Raincoat #Giveaway USA/CANADA

"City Coat" Oil & Water Rainwear www.BABYSTYLISTA.com

We live in a city where spring and winter showers are of the norm, and snowflakes are a treat – so naturally, a raincoat for all seasons is a must. However, what every little mini-fashionista really needs, is her very own yellow rain coat. More specifically, an ivory-gold weave and chartreuse trim coat to go […]

Desperately Seeking Baby #WordlessWednesday #Linky

Dress You Up in My Love www.babystylista.com

Tapping into her inner Madonna, circa 1985 – when she was known for her big, poofy skirts, cropped denim jackets, and crazy hair pieces. However, unlike the icon behind her inspiration, little mama‘s too busy reading about numbers and fruit to be engaging in controversy. ~~ Outfit ~~ Cropped Denim Jacket ~ Chaps Hoodie ~ […]

Where Western Meets Groovy {Wordless Wednesday}

LD Babystylista Western meets Groovy

You can take the cowgirl outta the country, but you sure can’t take the country outta the cowgirl. Throw on mama’s headwrap and a pair of oversized shades, and cowgirl goes from Western movie to Cowgirl groovy.    ~~ Outfit ~~ Denim button down dress ~ Joe Fresh Headwrap ~ Big Mama’s accessory drawer Oversized sunnies […]

Mission Target: Day 1 – A tribute to Disney Part 1

Photo Oct 25, 12 44 47 AM

Everyday is “Target” day. When I need to buy toothpaste, or get a prescription, pick up some lip balm, grab a box of diapers, or even score myself a good deal on family sized cereal and bananas – Target is my first choice.  However, one would assume – a one stop shop to pick up […]

Yeehaw! Here comes the Lone Baby!

Tan/Black Poppets, Small in The Saddle $24.99

LD doesn’t quite know this yet – but I’m Big City Girl by day, Blogger by night, and aspiring Wrangler in between.  It would probably shock my LA cronies that I was raised in a city where bull riding and barrel racing are considered to be competitive sports, and saddle bronc and bareback are indeed, not dirty words.  In fact, once LD perfects […]

Meet L’il C

L'il C

This Baby in Red is so aptly described by the woman that bore her, so I’ll hand her the stylin’ torch: “From the day L’il C was born, it was apparent that I had a feisty one on my hands. This girl is one part drama queen, one part diva, and two parts tomboy all rolled into […]