A Sweet Easter Surprise, More Fun, Less Sugar – honibe® Honey Gummies™

A Sweet Easter Surprise - More Fun, Less Sugar honibe® Honey Gummies™

Our household loves finding reasons to leave special packages for one another. Next to birthdays and Christmas, Easter is just about our most favorite time of year. With the gorgeous spring weather, pretty pastels, and open toed sandals – why wouldn’t it be? Spring reminds us of Easter, and Easter reminds us of all things […]

5 Funky Ways to Wear Funky-legs, Day 4 – A VERSATILE STAR #5DaysofFunky

A Versatile Star - H&M Kids Hooded Denim Jacket, I Love NY Tee, Funky-Legs Neon Pink Tutu, Funky-Legs Star Grey Tights, BUM Kids Suede Lace-up shoes www.BABYSTYLISTA.com

Today was a busy day. Even though Spring is officially here, the clouds were still grey, and we were forced to continue with our winter transitional outerwear, at least for the morning. As cute as Big Daddy and his mini-me were in their matching puffer vests, it quickly became apparent that someone was longing for […]

5 Funky Ways to Wear Funky-legs, Day 3 – DANCE BABY, DANCE #5DaysofFunky

Dance Baby, Dance Featured Image

Today is Day 3 of our 5 Days of Funky challenge – and it was pretty much a no brainer. As we approach spring 2015 at the end of this week, we are trying our best to patiently endure err… I mean, enjoy the rainy weather. By staying indoors. We decided to dust off our dance […]

Stretches of a Tiny Dancer #wordlesswednesday #linky

Tiny Dancer Stretches Featured Image babyStylista

Someone was in the zone today… Looks like Little Mama was trying to make a point… err… I mean – pointe. What are your little ones’ activities that take them to the zone?  Dance like no one’s watching, “Like” us on Facebook “Tweet” us on Twitter “Catch” us on YouTube “Hangout” with us on Google+ “Follow” us on Instagram @babystylista   “Pin” us on Pinterest […]

It’s Tea Time! A Date with My Favorite Person

It's Tea Time - A Date with my Daughter www.BABYSTYLISTA.com

Little mama and I were feeling a little under the weather these past few weeks, and were both in dire need of some cabin fever release. Between living out of a suitcase, and readjusting our sleep schedules, it’s been rough – but nothing a little yummy “pretend” hot tea couldn’t fix. My little English lady had […]

The California Kid – Pop Kids Raglan #Giveaway USA/CAN

The California Kid Raglan www.BABYSTYLISTA.com

We travel a lot. Moreover, this little mama travels. A. LOT. Probably more often than most 3 year olds should travel. But… we love it. And we know at the end of the day, after weeks and months of living out of a suitcase, without a doubt – we know where home is. Home, to Big Daddy and […]