Tips from the Mini Travelista – What to DO… for the Traveling Tot

Tips from the Mini Travelista: What to DO -  for the Traveling Tot

Ever wonder what a flight would feel like while traveling with a blissfully entertained toddler? … After they have already had their way with this… Without having to always resort to this (no offense, Mickey – you know we love you)… Or relying on this: Well – LD and I are seasoned travelers. And by seasoned, […]

The Midnight Creeper {Wordless Wednesday} {Linky}

I’m often asked when I actually have time to write, and my answer is usually… In the wee hours of the night. And every so often – I get a wee little visitor…   Back to work,  db  “Like” us on Facebook “Tweet” us on Twitter “Pin” us on Pinterest “Catch” us on YouTube “Follow” us on Instagram @babystylista  “I-Window Shop” […]

17 days with 7 A.M. Enfant

Pookie Poncho 7 A.M. Enfant Babystylista

As many of you already know – LD has maintained the status of Mini Jet Setter for most of her toddler years.  So living out of a suitcase for the last month during our bi-coastal design tour, wasn’t a foreign concept to any of us.  What was foreign however, was the biting cold that greeted […]

Meet LIttle Miss Fab n’ Frills…


We’re excited to introduce to you one of our youngest features – Little Miss Fab n’ Frills.  She proudly sports her girliest of girlie dresses to illustrate the many ways of being fabulous, yet frilly.  It is a universal understanding that Pink = Girl, Blue = Boy, but Little Miss Fab n’ Frills couldn’t disagree […]

My Non-Girlie Girl

Happy Bengs Last

Girlie-girl? Not so much. At least not today. LD‘s look-of-the-day features:  H&M Loose fit jeans with suspenders, Chocolate Bailey Button UGG Australia boots, accented with her so-they-don’t-mistake-me-for-a-boy Grosgrain Ema Jane Hair Bow. Add on her go-to Born To Love Clothing Fedora, and she certainly takes on a whole new look. The In-house Fashionista proclaims, “It’s not what you wear or who you wear… […]

Meet L’il Miss No-Nonsense…


Here’s the skinny on this little mini:  She’s all about the skinny jean, a cute top to roll around in, and she isn’t afraid to score a deal!  We all want to claim our babies as being the future face of BabyGap or Old Navy – but nothing screams this title more than our sweet […]

New “Kid” on the Block

Kid Firefly

As we sauntered around Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, California, LD and I stumbled upon an adorable boutique – Kid Firefly.  Although we went a little nutso on the clothing, this cute little shop housed an insane amount of eclectic variety of baby and kid what nots from books, to dolls, to kids room decor, […]

Meet L’il C

L'il C

This Baby in Red is so aptly described by the woman that bore her, so I’ll hand her the stylin’ torch: “From the day L’il C was born, it was apparent that I had a feisty one on my hands. This girl is one part drama queen, one part diva, and two parts tomboy all rolled into […]