A New Member of the #ChickenSquad: Meeting BC Chicken Farmers

Chicken Squad Featured Image

We are a household of chicken lovers. We eat chicken – a LOT of chicken, we look forward to harvesting eggs while hanging out with the chickens, we call each other chicken, and we exchange chicken jokes. All. Day. Long. We love chicken. And that includes MY little chicken, LD. (seriously, doesn’t she look like […]

Little Miss Independent #WordlessWednesday #linky

River Island Girls pink oversize brown tinted sunglasses, Mignonette Sterling Silver Bracelet, Little Maven by Tori Spelling floral batwing dress, Joe Fresh sparkling sandals  www.BABYSTYLISTA.com

“I wanna sit by myself mommy…” Accessories:: River Island Girls pink oversize brown tinted sunglasses | Mignonette Sterling Silver Bracelet) | Dress:: Little Maven by Tori Spelling batwing floral dress (similar Pippa & Julie Floral Print Textured Dress here)  |  Footwear:: Joe Fresh sparkle sandals (similar Joe Fresh Toddler Girls’ Sueded Sandals here)  The LOOK:: Want it? GET it! Are you still dreading […]

Crocs Bump It Up a Notch #Review #Giveaway USA/CANADA

Crocs Bump It Up a Notch www.BABYSTYLISTA.com

With summer here, outdoor play is back in full force and we have been keeping ourselves busy with friends and activities. Looks like one special friend has found a way to LD‘s heart… … through her tummy. We love how the summer means an endless amount of frolicking in the backyard, exploring nature, jumping through sprinklers, and […]

Got Fab? A Mommy-and-me Quest to find Fabulous #GIVEAWAY USA/CANADA

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Little Mama and I have had quite the month. It’s been a month of travel, a month of tears, a month of change, and a month of staying indoors. We haven’t been ourselves lately (sorry, we haven’t done much posting as of late… more on that later), and we decided… enough is enough. It was […]

Layering in the Spring – 5 Tips on What to Wear In-Between Seasons #Shedressedherself

Layering in the Spring - 5 Tips on What to Wear In-Between Seasons www.BABYSTYLISTA.com

It’s Spring. The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining… But little mama – is still freezing her buns off. Since there were no puddles to jump in today, like there has been for the last 4 months, I gave LD free reign on shoes today, and she chose her faux […]

Spring Knits – Baby, It’s STILL Cold Outside #WordlessWednesday #Linky

Spring Knits www.BABYSTYLISTA.com Calvin Klein Leather jacket, Zara Knit Scarf, H&M Jeggings, Joe Fresh Rubber Boots

Is it just us, or does it still feel like winter out there? Brr… Accessories:: Pink Knit Beanie – pick up from a lovely booth at the Farmer’s Market (similar Viken Crochet Knit pompom Beanie here) | babyGap Sunnies (similar Hello Kitty Round Sunnies here) | Zara Infinity Knit Scarf (similar Krochet Kids The Brynn Infinity Scarf here)  | […]

5 Funky Ways to Wear Funky-legs, Day 5 – “KID 4 KID” – CREATIVITY FOR A CAUSE #5DaysofFunky #GIVEAWAY WW

Kid 4 Kid Funky-Legs Grand Prize Winner Friendship Tights www.BABYSTYLISTA.com

Last September, we co-hosted a wonderful contest that encouraged our little readers to dig deep into their creative selves, for a cause! We were asked by Funky-Legs to choose a charity of our choice, and it was an easy choice for us –  CureSearch for Children’s Cancer, in dedication to our tiny little superhero and big-time […]

5 Funky Ways to Wear Funky-legs, Day 3 – DANCE BABY, DANCE #5DaysofFunky

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Today is Day 3 of our 5 Days of Funky challenge – and it was pretty much a no brainer. As we approach spring 2015 at the end of this week, we are trying our best to patiently endure err… I mean, enjoy the rainy weather. By staying indoors. We decided to dust off our dance […]