5 Funky Ways to Wear Funky-legs, Day 3 – DANCE BABY, DANCE #5DaysofFunky

Dance Baby, Dance Featured Image

Today is Day 3 of our 5 Days of Funky challenge – and it was pretty much a no brainer. As we approach spring 2015 at the end of this week, we are trying our best to patiently endure err… I mean, enjoy the rainy weather. By staying indoors. We decided to dust off our dance […]

5 Funky Ways to Wear Funky-legs, Day 2 – CITY GIRL MEETS OCEAN GREEN #5daysofFunky

Funky Legs City Girl Meets Ocean Green Featuring Dollhouse Wool Blend Peacoat, Gymboree mini skirt, Star Ocean Green Funky-Legs Tights, Joe Fresh Studded ankle boot, Wayfarer faux leopard print glasses Target  www.BABYSTYLISTA.com

It’s Day Two of our 5 Days of Funky, and coincidentally, it’s St. Patrick’s Day. So this time around, we decided to forego the leprechaun-chic look similar to what we did (more like, what the poor little leprechaun succumbed to) 3 years ago, and go for something a little more… subtle. After all, we are officially […]

5 Funky Ways to Wear Funky-legs, Day 1 – TAKE A BOW, BIRTHDAY GIRL #5daysofFunky

Funky Legs Take a Bow Featured Image

Sigh. My baby girl is four today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet little mama, who, in her 4 years of life has managed to change 40 of mine. What better way to celebrate her big 4.0 than to spend a nice day with mommy, window shopping, …bringing her fancy purse doggies for a walk, …scoring […]

petitePARADE – Kid’s Fashion Week, NYC 8th Edition

Imoga petitePARADE www.BABYSTYLISTA.com

Anyone who loves (and lives for) kids fashion (like yours truly), knows that petitePARADE, in the heart of New York City, is the place to be at the top of Spring and Fall of each and every year. The 8th Edition of petitePARADE was held at the historical Bathhouse Studios in Manhattan’s East Village, and as […]

It’s Tea Time! A Date with My Favorite Person

It's Tea Time - A Date with my Daughter www.BABYSTYLISTA.com

Little mama and I were feeling a little under the weather these past few weeks, and were both in dire need of some cabin fever release. Between living out of a suitcase, and readjusting our sleep schedules, it’s been rough – but nothing a little yummy “pretend” hot tea couldn’t fix. My little English lady had […]

Quirkie Ways to Wear #Pink #antibullying #pinkitforward

Quirkie ways to pair a pink tee "The Sparkly Hipster" Quirkie Kids www.BABYSTYLISTA.com

If there are two things that perfectly describe my kiddo, it is that she is just a little bit quirky (okay… a lot quirky), and in her wonderful little world – pink, truly is the new black. So when we discovered Quirkie Kids, we were thrilled to have found a line that fit my little […]